Sisteme de Stocare a Energiei Huawei

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Sistem de stocare a energiei Smart String

  • New design
  • Higher capacity: Flexible investment with 7kWh modular design, scalable from 7kWh to 84kWh
  • Higher max. output power and peak output power: 3.5kW/7kW/10.5kW
  • Module + optimization, 35% more usable energy
  • Intelligent supperior kit, 15 s fast fire extinguishing
  • Built in heating film, resistant to ultra-low temperature
  • High-strenght cabinet, resisting pressure up to 5T
  • Enhanced emergency protection with positive oxygen resistence, eliminating fire risk
  • Enhanced 40 cm under water protection
  • Lithium-iron phosphate(LiFePO4) cell
  • Compatibil cu invertoarele monofazate și trifazate
  • Last up 15 years

Sistem de stocare a energiei Smart String

  • Investiție flexibilă cu design modular de 5kWh, scalabil de la 5kWh la 30kWh
  • Adâncime de descărcare 100% (DoD)
  • Mai multă energie utilizabilă cu pachetul pentru optimizarea energiei
  • Performanță sigură și fiabilă cu celula de litiu fier fosfat (LFP)
  • Detectat automat de aplicație
  • Compatibil cu invertoarele monofazate și trifazate
  • Modulul bateriei defecte se izolează automat pentru a menține sistemul în funcțiune

Smart String ESS-LUNA2000

  • Comercional Storage system which meets the requirements of various C&I scenarios and helps enterprises achieve low-carbon and sustainable business operations.
  • Maximum battery capacity of the energy storage system is 193,5 kWh
  • 5% More Power
  • For grid ancillary services such as peak shaving and frequency regulation to generate revenue.
  • Can be used in remote areas without mains or poor mains to provide stable power supply, save energy and related costs.

Huawei LUNA2000 Smart String ESS

Soluția are un design flexibil, modular și inteligent pentru a ajuta clienții, cum ar fi operatorii de sisteme de transport, să echilibreze cererea de energie electrică și fluctuantă.

Huawei Luna2000 Smart String ESS este format din PCS modulare, modul container de stocare a energiei, transformator inteligent și sistem de management. Dispozitivele de bază, inclusiv PCS și containerul de stocare, utilizează design modular pentru a maximiza capacitatea de utilizare a bateriei, extindere flexibilă pentru un cost de stocare nivelat mai mic (LCOS).

Smart Transformer Station

  • High Efficiency Transformer for Higher Yields
  • Lower Self-consumption for Higher Yields
  • Prefabricated and Pre-tested, No Internal Cabling Needed Onsite
  • Compact 20’ HC Container Design for Easy Transportation
  • Real-time Detection of Transformer, LV Panel and RMU
  • High Precision Sensor of LV Electricity Parameters
  • Remote Control of ACB and MV Circuit Breaker
  • Robust Design against Harsh Environments
  • Optimal Cooling Design for High Availability and Easy O&M
  • Comprehensive Tests from Components, Device to Solution

DC LV Panel

  • The DCBOX is a DC low-voltage (LV) panel used in energy storage.
  • It provides DC buses for the Smart PCS and the Smart Rack Controller in the Smart String Energy Storage System (Smart ESS) to enable bidirectional power supply between the power grid and batteries.
  • The DCBOX supports a maximum of nine Smart Rack Controllers connected to five Smart PCSs and a maximum of 1 MW power combination.
  • The DCBOX has a natural air channel to dissipate heat.