Huawei Storages

Smart String Energy Storage System

  • Flexible investment with 5kWh modular design, scalable from 5kWh to 30kWh
  • 100% depth of discharge (DoD)
  • More usable energy with pack level energy optimization
  • Safe & reliable performance with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) cell
  • Auto detected by App
  • Compatible with both single & three phase inverter
  • Faulty battery module auto isolates to keep system operating


  • Comercional Storage system which meets the requirements of various C&I scenarios and helps enterprises achieve low-carbon and sustainable business operations.
  • Maximum battery capacity of the energy storage system is 193,5 kWh
  • 5% More Power
  • For grid ancillary services such as peak shaving and frequency regulation to generate revenue.
  • Can be used in remote areas without mains or poor mains to provide stable power supply, save energy and related costs.

Huawei LUNA2000 Smart String ESS

The solution features a flexible, modular and intelligent design to help customers such as transmission system operators to balance grid & fluctuant power demand.

Huawei Luna2000 Smart String ESS consists of Modular PCS, energy storage container module, smart transformer and management system. Core devices including PCS & storage container utilize modular design to maximize battery usable capacity, flexible expansion for lower levelized cost of storage (LCOS).

Smart Transformer Station

  • High Efficiency Transformer for Higher Yields
  • Lower Self-consumption for Higher Yields
  • Prefabricated and Pre-tested, No Internal Cabling Needed Onsite
  • Compact 20’ HC Container Design for Easy Transportation
  • Real-time Detection of Transformer, LV Panel and RMU
  • High Precision Sensor of LV Electricity Parameters
  • Remote Control of ACB and MV Circuit Breaker
  • Robust Design against Harsh Environments
  • Optimal Cooling Design for High Availability and Easy O&M
  • Comprehensive Tests from Components, Device to Solution

DC LV Panel

  • The DCBOX is a DC low-voltage (LV) panel used in energy storage.
  • It provides DC buses for the Smart PCS and the Smart Rack Controller in the Smart String Energy Storage System (Smart ESS) to enable bidirectional power supply between the power grid and batteries.
  • The DCBOX supports a maximum of nine Smart Rack Controllers connected to five Smart PCSs and a maximum of 1 MW power combination.
  • The DCBOX has a natural air channel to dissipate heat.