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Since 2008, Photomate has established a prominent position in the renewable energy market across Central, Eastern, Northern Europe, as well as in the Caucasus and Central Asia. Our diverse range of solar technology solutions suits effectively both commercial and residential clients. With a committed team of more than 200 employees, present in 23 countries, we provide smart, reliable solar products, backed by professional technical support.

Photomate stands at the front line of employing advanced technology with client-focused approaches. As a Huawei CSP digital power provider, we offer an extensive portfolio that includes advanced solar inverters and flexible energy storage systems for residential, commercial and utility markets, customized to meet different energy requirements and dedicated to sustainable efficiency.

Our core mission revolves around offering our clients the most intelligent solar technologies, driving forward a greener, more sustainable future.

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Huawei FusionSolar Inverters and Energy Storage

Huawei Inverters

FusionSolar Smart PV Solution

Photomate is Huawei VAP (Value Added Partner) solar inverter distributor for CEE, Scandinavia and Baltics and CSP (Certified Service Partner). Our complete inventory of Huawei FusionSolar products and timely delivery options ensure the fastest possible shipment in the region.

You can also use our unique Triple Techsupport Services if you need any special support or advice. Just write or call our experienced and local language speaking engineers or the country distributor and you still have the possibility to call or write 24/7 the many languages speaking Huawei Support Services Centre.

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Huawei's residential intelligent battery LUNA2000-S1 features a streamlined appearance and uses lithium iron phosphate cells for upgraded safety. It adopts modular design and supports flexible power expansion (7-84 kWh). Each battery pack has a built-in energy optimizer and supports independent charge and discharge management. Old and new battery packs can be used together to fully unleash the potential of each battery.

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Explore LUNA2000-S1
Huawei Luna2000 battery

Huawei Smart String ESS SOLUTION

An one-stop energy storage solution, based on experience in power converter field including PV inverter, UPS and telecom power. The solution features a flexible, modular and intelligent design to help customers such as transmission system operators to balance grid & fluctuant power demand.

Huawei Smart String ESS solution consists of Smart String ESS, Smart PCS, Smart Transformer Station, Smart PV & Storage Plant Management System. It utilizes modular design, such as pack-level optimization, rack-level optimization, distributed cooling system, and modular PCS, to solve the inconsistency and uncertainty of lithium batteries with the certainty of power electronics and to maximize battery usable capacity, flexible expansion for lower levelized cost of storage (LCOS).

Capacity of one unit: 2064 MWh

Explore LUNA2000 Smart String ESS

Why Huawei?

Are you looking for inverters for solar PV plant, commercial roof installation or for your home? Huawei offers a great range of solar inverters and the best solution for you.

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Higher Yields

Improves system efficiency with multiple MPPTs and multi-core power generation and the "five points and four segments" PR analysis system; IRR up 3%, energy yield up more than 3%.


Smart O&M

Increases data precision and transmission reliability thanks to PLC and smart PV wireless transmission system.


Safe & Reliable

IP65 protection, natural cooling, dustproof, waterproof, and anti-salt mist. No easily damaged parts (fuses or fans), 25-year maintenance-free (components to system).

What is the biggest safety hazard in rooftop PV plants?

DC Arcing

Huawei uses AI for arc feature self-learning, accurate arc fault detection and speedy arc fault interruption by inverter shutdown in 0,5 seconds. Check it out in the video.

EV Chargers Olife Energy

OlifeEnergy AC

BASIC type starts on 22 kW AC wallbox, for more difficult applications we have SMART single/double box for charging of two cars together with integration into home energy management system. For industrial or public use we have also AC PILLAR chargers, outside mounted type for private or public parking.

All types have RfID authentication, Bluetooth and control via smartphone APP, for SMART version also OCPP, CLOUD, remote management, payment system for public operation is available. All types available with cable plug/socket, type of connection based on customer requirement Type1/Type2.


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