Photomate is member of:

We are delighted to be part of the ASSOCIATION FOR ENERGY STORAGE (AKU-BAT CZ) which brings together the most important actors active in the field of energy storage.

Czech Accumulation and Photovoltaics (CAFT) is a voluntary non-governmental and non-profit professional association, whose goal is to support the development of photovoltaics and increase the quality of photovoltaic systems implemented in the Czech Republic.

The biggest and most important association of solar energy professionals in the Czech Republic. The Solar Association is a member of European Renewable Energies Federation and SolarPower Europe.

Bulgarian photovoltaic association is a non-profit organization unifying more than 400 companies from the renewable energy sector in Bulgaria.

The Slovak Association of Photovoltaics and RES (SAPI) is an interest-based, professional organization whose main mission is to support green energy and the development of the photovoltaic industry.

The Polish Alternative Fuels Association (PSPA) is the largest industry organization shaping the e-mobility and hydrogen technology market in Poland and in the CEE region.

Cooperation with Polish Academy of Science (KEZO Foundation)

Photomate and Huawei started a cooperation with Polish Academy of Sciencies, namely the Kezo Foundation. A foundation dedicated to sharing knowledge about renewable energy, sustainable, clean technologies and education of students about the energy industry.

Photomate with Huawei established a test site and service lab at which we can test and check all of Huawei inverters’ functionalities including day-to-day operation, monitoring and inverters’ influence on the low voltage grid.

Photomate is proud to cooperate with following commercial partners in our served region:

ENACO is a specialized independent energy consulting company, established by consultants with extensive experience.

Czech Republic: Solartec MED s.r.o.


Czech Republic: Smart Solar System

Ukraine: Unisolar