Huawei Accessories


  • Whole home backup, no need of additional switchboard
  • ≤ 20ms Ultra fast switchover to power backup mode
  • Provide bypass mode when a fault occurs
  • Intelligent load control with built in EMMA


  • Energy Management Assistance
  • Optimization of PV and ESS scheduling based on prediction
  • Built in WLAN/FE module
  • Compatible with several household appliances
  • Measurement integrated
  • It can implement unified scheduling and management of home energy
  • In addition to unified scheduling of home energy, the EMMA-A02 can connect to smart loads such as chargers, SG Ready heat pumps, and smart switches.
  • Users can set the reservation time to charge vehicles and heat water in advance at the specified time.

Smart PV Optimizer

  • One optimizer fits all application scenarios
  • Up to 30% more energy by optimizing each module’s performance
  • Lower BoS cost & higher oversizing with long string design
  • Module level voltage shutdown for safe installation and maintenance
  • Support pinpoint arc fault positioning

Smart Dongle-WLAN-FE/4G

  • Plug & Play connection to inverter
  • WLAN/Fast Ethernet communication via Smart Dongle-FE
  • 4G communication via Smart Dongle-4G
  • Support max 10 inverters communication

DC LV Panel

  • The DCBOX is a DC low-voltage (LV) panel used in energy storage.
  • It provides DC buses for the Smart PCS and the Smart Rack Controller in the Smart String Energy Storage System (Smart ESS) to enable bidirectional power supply between the power grid and batteries.
  • The DCBOX supports a maximum of nine Smart Rack Controllers connected to five Smart PCSs and a maximum of 1 MW power combination.
  • The DCBOX has a natural air channel to dissipate heat.

Smart Power Sensor

  • Measurement accuracy > class 1 with full temperature range
  • Power export limitation control
  • LCD display, convenient for users to set and check
  • Overall power consumption ≤ 1 W

Backup Box

  • No worry about power outage with backup power
  • Backup power is supplied to critical load during power outage