Huawei Accessories

Smart PV Optimizer

  • One optimizer fits all application scenarios
  • Up to 30% more energy by optimizing each module’s performance
  • Lower BoS cost & higher oversizing with long string design
  • Module level voltage shutdown for safe installation and maintenance
  • Support pinpoint arc fault positioning

Smart Dongle-WLAN-FE/4G

  • Plug & Play connection to inverter
  • WLAN/Fast Ethernet communication via Smart Dongle-FE
  • 4G communication via Smart Dongle-4G
  • Support max 10 inverters communication

Smart Power Sensor

  • Measurement accuracy > class 1 with full temperature range
  • Power export limitation control
  • LCD display, convenient for users to set and check
  • Overall power consumption ≤ 1 W

Backup Box

  • No worry about power outage with backup power
  • Backup power is supplied to critical load during power outage