Olife Energy Pillar 11-22-44 kW

A design and free-standing charging station for charging of two electrical vehicles in parallel, with AC voltage and total output of up to 44 kW (2 x 22 kW), in a robust all-metal housing.

Even in its basic version, Olife Energy AC is equipped with a wide spectrum of functionalities. The charging session can be started automatically, immediately after the vehicle is connected, or based on authorization with an RFID card or a mobile phone. Complete configuration is also done through a Smartphone app. The charger output can be set up within the range from 0 to 44 kW; the setup output is shared by the connected vehicles. The charging station can be connected to HDO, integrated into smart household, interconnected with battery storage, and integrated with other control systems. Through the external OlifeEnergy SmartMeter unit it is possible to dynamically control the charging station output to avoid circuit breaker release with high consumption, and charge from excesses of solar power or low tariff.

The OlifeEnergy AC CLOUD extended version makes it possible to cooperate with a remote server (OlifeEnergy Cloud, OCPP) that provides input power control for several OlifeEnergy stations, remote diagnostics, authorization, and user management. Each AC CLOUD free-standing station can be included in OlifeEnergy Net, a network of charging stations, and bring its owner an extra income for public EV charging.

Ordering code ST22AC2R2RB
Ordering code - CLOUD extended version ST22AC2R2RS
Output 2x Type 2
Type of connection pursuant to EN 61851 Type C (pursuant to EN 61851)
Type of output Cables with plugs, Type 2
Output power* 0–44 kW
Type of AC supply AC 3 + N + PE 400V 50 Hz, TN-S / AC 3 + PEN 400V 50 Hz, TN-C
Maximum supply cable cross section 25 mm2
Control Local – automatic, RfID, via smartphone app (Bluetooth) / remote – OlifeEnergy Cloud**, OCPP**
Overcurrent protection 2x three-pole circuit breaker 32 A
Residual protection 2x four-pole residual current device, type A + residual DC current detection pursuant to IEC 62955
Input current* 0–63 A
Communication Bluetooth, Modbus RTU (via RS-485), ADC 0-10 V, OlifeEnergy Cloud**, OCPP 1.6/2.0**
Data connection** Ethernet**, USB (GSM, Wi-Fi)**, RS-485
Input voltage 3x 400 V
IP Class IP 54
Operating temperature -25 °C to +40 °C
Operating humidity 5 % to 95 %
Weight (net, excl. packaging) 110 kg
Dimensions (W x H x L) 560 x 2000 x 380 mm

* maximum adjustable output is limited by upstream circuit breaker
** only for CLOUD version

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