The SUN2000-36/42KTL smart PV controller adopts the concept of "out with the Copper, in with the Silicon" and uses the Huawei Hisilicon chip and operating system, reducing the usage of copper devices. These features convert the traditional power converter to a smart controller that can "think" and the "brain" of a power plant, achieving better efficiency and quality. RS485 transmission is upgraded to PLC transmission, providing more reliable transmission and ensuring that monitoring data can be trusted.

Customer value

  • 4 MPPTs for versatile adaptions to different layouts
  • 8 strings intelligent monitoring and fast trouble-shooting
  • Power Line Communication (PLC) supported
  • DC disconnect integrated, safe and convenient for maintenance
  • Type II surge arresters for both DC and AC Ground fault protection
  • Residual Current Detection (RCD) protection
  • Max. efficiency 98.8%, European efficiency 98.6%
  • No need for external fans with natural cooling technology