Czech company Photomate enters the Romanian market with Huawei FusionSolar inverters

Photomate is a Huawei solar inverters authorized distribution partner since 2011 and is well-experienced in Huawei inverter products in technical aspects, sales and service support.Photomate entered the Romanian market by opening this year an office in Bucharest, its activity being coordinated by Adrian Paraschiv, Country Manager for Romania. The Romanian office will offer its customers the best commercial conditions and the best technical support.

“We expect to play an important role in the development of the renewable energy market in Romania, in the same way we have done in other countries,” says Adrian Paraschiv (photo), Country Manager, Photomate Romania.

“Since 2008, we have built a leading position in the served region in the field of solar inverters for commercial and residential customers. Our team more than 30 employees is active in 15 European countries. Just in 2019, we have delivered to our customers Huawei FusionSolar inverters with installed capacity of almost 1,400 MWp. We hold over 100 professional trainings a year and you can meet us at 20 exhibitions and conferences,” adds Photomate’s CEO, Michal Kalousek.

Currently, Photomate is a regional Value Added Partner (VAP) for Huawei solar inverters in Central Europe, Eastern and Nordic countries, as well as a Certified Service Partner (CSP).

Huawei is the leader in intelligent solutions in the field of inverter technology for photovoltaic panels and Photomate customers will benefit from 24/7 technical support from us as well as from the support center opened by Huawei in Bucharest. Our customers can benefit from the extended warranty of the Huawei FusionSolar inverters, which can have a period of 10 years.

From the solar inverters portfolio, a very interesting family of products consists of Huawei’s single phase inverters of up to 5kW, with battery storage and optimizer support. Three phase residential inverters range from 3kW to 20kW and from November 2020 inverters will all support the optimizers, as well. The range of the commercial and utility Huawei inverters goes up to 185kW. In a short time, we can introduce to the Romanian market the Huawei battery storage system with a capacity of 30 kWh.

We provide to our customers a permanent stock of Huawei inverters, ensuring a prompt shipment from our warehouse and, together with the team of engineers from the region, we can offer support from the design of photovoltaic parks to their commissioning, in a very short time.

At the level of the European Union, in 2004 the renewable energy consumption was of 9.6%, while in 2018 it reached 18.9% and for 2020 it is estimated that to reach 20%, with a target of 32% for year 2030, so Romania has a great potential in this segment.

Renewable energy consumption will increase in the coming years due to the general interest in reducing pollution and solar energy is an option for both the residential segment and companies, which will allow us to protect the environment while reducing electricity costs.