One phase inverter SUN2000L-2-5KTL


Huawei launched new one-phase inverter SUN2000L 2-5KTL in May at Intersolar. This residential smart PV solution is suitable for smaller photovoltaic installations.

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The evolution of smart PV


A new generation of smart PV power plant technologies is emerging that offers increasingly sophisticated remote O&M capabilities, greater plant reliability and improved energy yields.

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Lightning, Ice Baths and Sandblasting: Inside the Quest for World’s Most Reliable String Inverter

Huawei, the Chinese string inverter manufacturer is focused on pinpointing any possible source of failure in its products that need to endure at least 25 years in some of the world’s harshest conditions.

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Huawei takes inverter market leader slot

Huawei has taken the top spot in the world inverter rankings following two years of strong growth in its home market. The company is now expected to focus on opportunities in overseas markets, particularly the USA, Europe, Japan and India, writes PV Tech’s Ben Willis.

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Huawei FusionSolar

2015 was an extraordinary year. As a result of the joint efforts of Huawei and our partners, smart PV has achieved widespread application all around the world, consolidating its dominant position in the industry. First of all, our sincere and humble thanks must go out to you for your continual support in the past year.

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Why big data is a big deal in smart PV

The process of collecting and analysing large volumes of data from PV power plants is at the heart of the smart PV concept. It offers plant operators previously unimagined capabilities in running assets optimally and above all profitably.

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