Video Huawei SNEC 2021


In case you missed the insightful Huawei SNEC 2021 Global Virtual Summit, click the link to take a deep dive into Huawei’s efforts to accelerate the energy transition and build a zerocarbon and smart society.

Leading Energy Digitalization for a Zero-carbon Smart Society


We are pleased to invite you to join Huawei FusionSolar from the largest PV exhibition SNEC 2021 in Shanghai from 3-5 of June (Huawei booth: E6) or online at Huawei SNEC 2021 Global Virtual Summit.

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Inovation of High School in Dačice with batteries Luna2000 and Huawei SUN2000-10KTL-M1 inverter


Two Huawei LUNA2000 batteries (20kWh) with the Huawei inverter are a successful part of the innovation of the Technical and Business High School in Dačice (South Bohemia), where together with the solar power plant (15kWp) help to power the school.

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The first Huawei Luna2000 energy storage system in Romania


Fotonia Shine Retention the partner of Photomate Green Energy Romania has successfully installed the first Huawei Luna2000 energy storage system in Romania.

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PHOTOMATE became a member of AKU-BAT CZ


We at PHOTOMATE are convinced that energy storage is the next important step in building the sustainable new energy world.

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Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) for PV Systems


DC arcing is one of the biggest safety hazards in rooftop PV plants. However, arc noise is generally weak and only accounts for 0.1% of the normal current signal, which often leads to missing detection. What’s the best way to deal with DC arcing? Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter with AI!

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