Photomate workshop in Budapest

We want to thank everyone who attended Photomate workshop we held in February 20-21th. at Roombach Hotel in Budapest. We would like to thank to Photomate’s colleagues who gave the professional presentation. The training was really informative, well presented and high-level.

The participants were come from eight company to our professional training. We hope everyone was able to learn a lot and got closer to products produced by Huawei.

Our training concentrated on following main topics:

  • basic company introduction and basic products introduction
  • technical training focused on Huawei inverters unique features and advantages
  • Inverters commissioning and service training
  • Discussion, Q&A, practical experience and recommendation
  • Practical task of system configuration (participants are asked to prepare some real installation facts and data)
  • Inverter commissioning (demonstration and practical implementation)
  • SL1000 WebUI commissioning
  • Inverter setting via SL1000
  • Inverter / SL1000 SW upgrade
  • PLC CCO connection

Thank you for the participate.