One phase inverter SUN2000L-2-5KTL

Huawei launched new one-phase inverter SUN2000L 2-5KTL in May at Intersolar. This residential smart PV solution is suitable for smaller photovoltaic installations.

This is an innovative and unique product that has the interesting features:

  • Perfect solution for residential market
  • Optimizer optional
  • 10 kg, 16,5L, easy installation
  • One click maintenance
  • Smart module I-V Diagnosis supported
  • Integrated Plug & Play energy storage interface
  • IP 65
  • Natural cooling
  • High voltage rapid shut down, secure human & assets safety
  • Winner of Red Dot Award Product Design 2016
  • Available August 2017

Later on will be launched also a version of the three-phase inverter.