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Advanced training on Huawei solar inverters focus on commercial solution for pv with string inverters
České Budějovice, Czech Republic, 16. November 2017

We want to thank everyone who attended Photomate workshop we held last Thursday, November 16th in České Budějovice. The turnout was great and we belive everyone was able to learn a lot more than they already knew.

A very special thank to our colleagues from Huawei, Nuremberg. Training was very informative, very well presented, plus enjoyable.

Our training session concentrated on following topics:

  • Inverter parameterization: go parameter by parameter, when to apply, how to set, consequences of the setting, when it can be used, when it should not be used
  • Data export (possibilities, settings, conditions)
  • NetEco (levels, functions, how to remotely download log, how to remotely change parameters, how to remotely upgrade firmware)
  • Fast Global MPPT
  • IV Curve diagnosis
  • Optical fiber, connection possibilities
  • PLC commissioning and how to handle troubleshooting
  • 1500 V and Smart Anti PID2000 Module

Renexpo Poland
Warsaw, Poland, 25-27 October 2017

Thank you all for visiting our booth at Renexpo Warsaw last week. The exhibition was a great success and it gave us the opportunity to showcase our products. We are very pleased for the attendees that joined Photomate booth to discover the innovative solutions and technology that make Huawei one of the leading company in the solar industry. We are always at your disposal, do not hesitate to contact us for additional details or inquiries.

SEF 2017
Kiev, Ukraine 9.-11. October 2017

Photomate team would like to take the opportunity to thank all our business partners for visiting our booth at SEF 2017 in Kiev, Ukraine.

It was a pleasure to meet you personally, giving us the chance to share and exchange our experiences with you. We appreciate your interest in Huawei products!

In case we weren’t able to answer some of your questions about our products and services while you were there, we encourage you to contact us. We look forward to seeing you again in the near future!

Renexpo Poland
Warsaw, Poland, 25-27 October 2017

It is our pleasure to invite you to the trade fair Renexpo Poland to be held on 25 – 27 October 2017 in Warsaw. We will focus on the latest Huawei technology trends and solutions in photovoltaic industry.

Mr. Sean Zhu, Sales Director / CEE & Nordic European Solar Inverter Business Development Department, Huawei, will make a presentation during the exhibitor’s forum.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at our booth!

SEF 2017
Kiev, Ukraine 9.-11. October 2017

Huawei has become a Megawatt Sponsor of the 9th International Forum and Exhibition New Energy Technologies SEF-2017 KYIV.

This event devoted to the latest energy technology, renewable energy and energy efficiency will be held in the Ukrainian capital on 9.-11. October in the National Convention and Exhibition Centre "Parkovy".

We would like to invite you to the presentation of Mr. S. Zhu, on the topic “Best product and local service to help the customer’s success – Huawei inverter solution. We look forward to meet you there.

One phase inverter SUN2000L-2-5KTL

Huawei launched new one-phase inverter SUN2000L 2-5KTL in May at Intersolar. This residential smart PV solution is suitable for smaller photovoltaic installations. This is an innovative and unique product that has the interesting features:

  • Perfect solution for residential market
  • Optimizer optional
  • 10 kg, 16,5L, easy installation
  • One click maintenance
  • Smart module I-V Diagnosis supported
  • Integrated Plug & Play energy storage interface
  • IP 65
  • Natural cooling
  • High voltage rapid shut down, secure human & assets safety
  • Winner of Red Dot Award Product Design 2016
  • Available August 2017

Later on will be launched also a version of the three-phase inverter.

Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis

Huawei has developed Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis to solve the pain points caused by the conventional inspection methods. This technology allows the inverter to export I-V Curves, deploys algorithms on the management systém, and analyzes data. It also identifies modes to scan all PV strings of a PV plant and identify hidden PV module faults.

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Intersolar Europe 2017
Munich, Germany, 31. May.–2. June 2017

Photomate thanks to everyone who had the chance to visit and talk to us at Huawei booth at Intersolar Europe 2017. Huawei launched FusionHome Smart Energy Solution which gives our customers higher revenue, whilst also being simple and easy, and smart and reliable. We hope you enjoyed our products and looking forward to seeing you next year.

Alternative Energy week
Kiev, Ukraine, 14. march 2017

Mr. Anton Abramov and Mr. Jaromír Dudek attended the biggest specialized conference in renewable energy market in Ukraine and all Eastern Europe.

SNEC PV Power Expo
Shanghai, China, 19.-21. april 2017

Snec PV Power Expo is one of the biggest events for the photovoltaic industry in Asia. Photomate representatives have attended this fair in Shanghai. From 19th - 21st April Huawei was showcasing FusionSolar Smart PV 5.0 and its all-new home energy management system. The Huawei booth was crowded as always.

Cisolar conference
Odessa, Ukraine, 11.–12. April 2017

The 6th International Conference and Exhibition Solar Energy Industry in Central and Eastern Europe CISOLAR-2017 was held from 11 to 12 of April in Odessa. Among the speakers of this conference was Mr. Sean Zhu, Huawei sales director who held reading on the topic “Using 1500V to lower down CAPEX”. The event was a great opportunity to exchange views with experts in photovoltaic fields. Thank you everyone who came and showed interest in his presentation.

4th international exhibition for renewable energies
Budapest, Hungary, 5.–9. April 2017

Photomate thanks to all visitors and customers for visiting our booth at Reneo Exhibition, held in Budapest, Hungary. We have introduced there new one phase inverter SUN2000L 2-5KTL for residential market, which has unique design, weighs only 10 kg, installation time is less than 15 minutes, has optional optimizer, IP 65, “I-V curve diagnosis supported, natural cooling. We hope you were pleased with the products you saw and information you got.

red dot award product design

The SUN2000L 2-5KTL, new Huawei product for residential markets, has been awarded one of the most important design prizes in the world, the Red Dot Award Product Design. Learn more about the award

Forum Solar+
Kielce, Poland, 2. March 2017

Huawei belonged among the partners of Forum Solar + which was held on 2nd of March 2017 in Kielce, Poland. This event was organized by GLOBEnergia with Kielce Fair for representatives of the PV industry. Mr. Marek Polok was one of them, topic of his presentation was “News of string inverters in PV power plants”. He pointed to the benefits of Huawei string inverters. Some of them are higher yields, 20 years of warranty, higher string monitoring, IP 65, natural cooling, no DC combiner, no Fuse failure… We hope that you found this presentation informative and worthwhile.

Invitation to Cisolar 2017
Odessa, Ukraine, 11.–12. april 2017

Mr. Sean Zhu and Mr. Michal Kalousek are going to invite you to CISOLAR 2017 - 6th International Conference and Exhibition Solar Energy Industry in Central and Eastern Europe. HUAWEI and Photomate are KILOWATT SPONSORS of this event, that will be held in Odessa on April 11-12. If you want to know their opinions about solar energy markets of Eastern Europe please watch this video:

Verde.Tec – international exhibition
Athens, Greece, 2.–5. March, 2017

Verde.Tec - Environmental Technologies Exhibition in Athens was held 2.-5. March. At Datavenia booth you could see Huawei string inverters - the best products for installation of large PV plants.

Workshop in Warsaw
Warsaw, Poland, 16. february 2017

We conducted another Huawei workshop last week. The venue was near Warsaw, Poland, organized by the company PozEnergy. During this session the participants – installers and engineers enjoyed the discussion with our trainer Mr. Dudek about the special features of Huawei inverters. On top of that they talked about the Power Line Communication (PLC) technology that enables communication signals to be transmitted over power cables. No trench for routing RS485 cables is required, the PV plant can be quickly installed and commissioned, construction costs are reduced. We would like to thank you for attending this event and for your comments and suggestions.

National PV and energy storage forum solar+
Kielce, Poland, 2. March 2017

Join us at the National Photovoltaics and Energy Storage Forum SOLAR + on March 2 in Targi Kielce, Poland. This event is part of upcoming fair ENEX. Our colleague Mr. Marek Polok will hold a presentation "Application of string inverters in photovoltaic farms" and is looking forward to seeing you there.

The benefits of smart PV workshop
Białystok, Poland, 9. february 2017

Photomate provided workshop specific to unique Huawei inverter technology. The workshop was held on February 9 in Białystok, Poland. We were hosted by company Coral. It was attended by variety of people including installers and engineers. Mr. Jaromír Dudek highlighted Huawei’s most valuable benefits – Power Line Communication, string monitoring, up to 4 MPPT, conventional natural cooling, etc. All these benefits lead to lower CAPEX and lower OPEX and higher yields. Thank you all for attending this event and thanks again to Coral for hospitality and great organization.

Training session for designers and engineers
Budapest, Hungary, 24. january 2017

Photomate provided training session specific to Huawei products for company VPP in Budapest this week. It was based on years of experience of our colleagues Mr. Jaromír Dudek and Mr. Marek Polok in solar energy. Training attended designers and engineers and has been successfully completed.

Global market forecasts, policies and technology trends
Brussels, Belgium, 7.–8. march 2017

We are pleased to announce that Alison Finch, Chief Marketing Officer Huawei, will be speaking at the Solar Power Summit in Brussels, March 7-8, 2017. Huawei is sponsor of this Summit and we invite attendees to come and speak to one of our experts to learn more about Huawei solar solutions and how we can help you. Complete details are available at

Solar Photovoltaic Installer training course
Villa Poprad, Rytro, Poland, 12. January 2017

Last week our colleague Mr. Jaromír Dudek held another successful training session for draftsmen, installers and technicians in Poland. This Event was organized by Solsum, our Polish reseller of Huawei inverters. Congratulations to all of newly certified installers. After completing practical and theoretical training they are now ready to install the inverters. We look forward to the next training.

Happy New Year

GPSA Conference
Kiev, Ukraine, 23. November 2016

Annual Sectorial Conference organized by "Nettworks & Business Magazine" has been successfully held in Kiev on 23.11.2016. This one day event included presentations and discussions on several topics. Photomate has joined this Conference as well. Mr. Anton Abramov, manager CIS and Mr. Sean Zhu, Huawei Sales director, had presentation there on the topic „Huawei FussionSolar Digitalization, Smart, Reliable, Higher Yields“

RENEXPO® Poland – the meeting point Nr. 1 for the photovoltaic industry in Poland!
Warsaw, Poland, 19.–21. october 2016

In the middle of October we had the opportunity to present Huawei products and services in the Fair Renexpo Poland which was held in Warsaw, Centre EXPO XXI. Thank you to everyone who attended this event on renewable energies. We hope that you found the Fair informative and worthwile and look forward to the next meeting with you.

8th International Sustainable Energy Forum SEF-2016 KIEV
Kiev, Ukraine, 11.–12. october 2016

Interesting presentation „Huawei Fusion Solar solution Digitalization, Smart, Reliable, Higher Yield” was given by Mr. Sean Zhu, Huawei Sales Director for CEE & Northern Europe PV inverter business at the SEF 2016 Kiev in Ukraine last week. We took a part of it and thank all attendees for their participation.

Mr. Zhu presented the latest range of unique String Inverters including feature smart IV curve diagnosis, which allows clients to accurately detect a total 21 panel failure types and thereby achieve higher Yields.

Mr. Zhu has presented the 22 MW Project in Chernobyl Zone in Belarus too.

Please see the whole presentation:


Autumn Construction Forum
Lviv, Ukraine, 27.–29. september 2016

We have successfully participated in the fair Autumn Construction Forum in Lviv, which was held from 27.–30. 9. 2016 where Huawei and Photomate was a general partner. We have met with our existing and new customers and in this way we would like to thank them, that visited our booth. Here you can also see pictures from the fair.

The Webinar Replay is now available!

Thank you to those of you who attended Huawei Webinar Overcoming Challenges in Utility-Scale PV With String Inverters (EMEA) on September 6, 2016. It was excellent, all questions were answered by Huawei experts.

For all those who were unable to attend our webinar or simply want to replay it we offer the opportunity to watch the recording:

Webinar Replay

We provide trainings!

Photomate s.r.o. organizes professional training in the field of photovoltaics.

We offer two types of training, namely:

  • Basic Huawei Solar products training (Overview, Huawei Solar Product Introduction, Smart Logger, Neteco1000S, PLC CCO and STA).
  • Advanced Huawei Solar products training (Installation and Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance, Designing PV projects for medium voltage and low voltage grid, PLC, PID, Q at night).

These trainings are held at our training center in České Budějovice, or in Huawei's test center for PV inverters in Nuremberg, Germany, but also can be arranged at the client place.

We offer training in English, Russian, Polish and Czech.

If you are interested in training or other information, please write to us:

Huawei Smart PV workshop
Kiev, Ukraine, 11. august 2016

We would like to thank this way all our business partners and lecturers for their participation in the successful workshop in Kiev, Ukraine, which was held on 11th of August 2016. We hope that this training was beneficial to you and that you are getting what you expected.

The workshop focuses on following topics:

  • Huawei Smart PV solution Presentation
  • Comparison from TCO point of view (Center, String)
  • Huawei String inverter design (SUN2000 42KTL)
  • Huawei innovation solution (PLC, Anti PID, 4G-LTE)
  • Photomate (Distributor, Local support)
  • Transformer Introduction

Keynote speakers:

Sean Zhu

Sean Zhu

CEE & Nordic European Solar Inverter Business Development Department
Michal Kalousek

Michal Kalousek

general manager
Jaromir Dudek

Jaromír Dudek

Technical Sales
Anton Abramov

Anton Abramov

Manager CIS

Also congratulations to the winners who have received an exclusive mobile phones Huawei P9 and Huawei watch.

Once again thank you for your time you have spent with us at the hotel Radisson Blu and look forward to meeting you during next training.

Intersolar 2016
Munich, Germany, 22.–24. June 2016.

Intersolar 2016 exhibition was very successful for Huawei and also for Photomate. Huawei had one of the best booth and probably the most visited. We would like to thank you for your visit and we are looking for future cooperation.

Please check this interesting video from the exhibition Intersolar 2016. Especially interesing is the part from 4′ 16″, where you can watch presentation of company Photomate at Huawei booth.

Our colleague Marek Polok is introducing new Huawei products SUN 2000-36KTL and SUN 2000-42KTL.

To make picture of empty booth was possible only before opening.... Huawei is number 1 in worldwide delivered capacity in 2015.

Wall of Chanel partner - we are proud Huawei partner.

Booth during the day. We apologize to everyone who was unable to talk to us. Please contact us.

Photomate Training
Ceske Budejovice, June 2016.

Our Photomate team organized Deep Dive Training for 3 days in the beginning of June 2016. This Event was held in the Czech Republic, town called Ceske Budejovice. The town was established in the thirteenth century as a “King’s town” by the Czech King Přemysl Otakar II.

SNEC PV Power Expo 2016
Shanghai, China, 25.-26. Mai 2016.

We have joined the SNEC PV Power Expo 2016 Exhibition in Shanghai which was held from 25.-26. May.

Huawei booth was crowded all the time. Huawei string inverters were seen not only on the Huawei booth.

20th International Trade Fair Elcom
19.–22. April 2016, Kiev, Ukraine

Thank you for visiting us at the exhibition Elcom Ukraine in April 2016. It was pleasure to meet you there.

More info

  • 30+ speakers
  • 50+ exhibitors
  • Solar+ forum about national PV industry

14.–15. April 2016, Odessa, Ukraine

Huawei was the official CISolar-2016 session sponsor.

We appreciate you for taking the time and effort to be there. We hope that the conference has been all that you expected.

More info

  • 26 speakers
  • 12 exhibitors
  • 200 visitors

ENEX 2016,
30.–31. March 2016, Kielce, Poland

We have participated in this exhibition for two days. We would like to thank all who has visited our booth at Enex 2016.

More info

  • 158 exhibitors
  • 5.500 visitors
  • Solar+ forum about national PV industry

Solar Training
Nuremberg, Germany, March 2016.

We have traveled to Germany for Solar training in March. The event was held at Huawei headquarters in Nirnberg, designed to guide you through your career—from the theory and science behind photovoltaics through the advanced skills. Thank you for coming.