Huawei PV Inverters

SUN2000-36KTL String Inverter

SUN2000-36/42KTL String Inverter

The SUN2000-36/42KTL smart PV controller adopts the concept of "out with the Copper, in with the Silicon" and uses the Huawei Hisilicon chip and operating system, reducing the usage of copper devices. These features convert the traditional power converter to a smart controller that can "think" and the "brain" of a power plant, achieving better efficiency and quality. RS485 transmission is upgraded to PLC transmission, providing more reliable transmission and ensuring that monitoring data can be trusted.

Customer value

  • 4 MPPTs for versatile adaptions to different layouts
  • 8 strings intelligent monitoring and fast trouble-shooting
  • Power Line Communication (PLC) supported
  • DC disconnect integrated, safe and convenient for maintenance
  • Type II surge arresters for both DC and AC Ground fault protection
  • Residual Current Detection (RCD) protection
  • Max. efficiency 98.8%, European efficiency 98.6%
  • No need for external fans with natural cooling technology
Datasheet 36KTL Datasheet 42KTL
SUN2000-33KTL String Inverter

SUN2000-60KTL (1500V) String Inverter

This product is suitable for large PV installations with input voltage of 1500V. 60 KTL offers also higher efficiency up 99%.

  • 4 MPPT
  • String monitoring
  • PLC supported
  • No DC fuses
  • Smart String I-V Diagnosis supported
  • Max. efficiency up to 99%
  • Max. output power 66 kVA
  • IP65
  • Natural cooling
Datasheet 60KTL
SUN2000-33KTL String Inverter

SUN2000-33KTL-A String Inverter

Huawei launched a new generation 33KTL-A. Unlike the original 33KTL, the new 33KTL-A is buil with the same platform as the third generation 36/42KTL inverters. The additional advanced features include:

  • I-V Curve Diagnosis
  • The Euro efficiency increase 0,1%
  • 4 MPP Trackers and 8 String Input
  • 1100 DC input voltage
  • Aluminium AC cable terminal block with up to 70 mm2
Datasheet 33KTL-A
SUN2000-8/12/17/20KTL String Inverter


These solar inverters maximize energy yields for rooftop, hillside, and ground-mounted Photo-voltaic (PV) power plants.

Technically, they are string inverters designed for a three-phase power grid connection. Intelligent monitoring and fault detection for the strings reduces the time needed to locate faults. The inverters use three-level topology and deliver maximum efficiency of 98.7%. The photon test result is A+/A+. Each inverter provides up to three Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) routes for a particular environment.

The inverters use natural cooling with no external fan for long-term outdoor applications.

Datasheet 8/12/17/20KTL
SUN2000-33KTL String Inverter

SUN2000-33KTL String Inverter
Not Available

These solar inverters maximize energy fields for large-scale commercial rooftop and ground-level power plants. Each inverter delivers a maximum efficiency of 98.8 percent and provides up to three Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) routes for a particular environment.

The inverters weigh just 49 kg, use natural cooling with no external fan, and enable long-term outdoor applications. They can be effectively used for rooftop, hillside, and ground-level photovoltaic power plants.

Datasheet 33KTL


The SmartLogger is dedicated for monitoring and managing the PV power generating system. It converges all ports, converts protocols, collects and stores data, and centrally monitors and maintains the PV power generating system.

Customer value


  • MODBUS-TCP for connections to Huawei NetEco
  • IEC60870-5-104 for connections to third-party monitoring systems
  • USB and embedded web for data reading and software upgrade
  • Automatically detecting equipment and assigning RS485 addresses
  • Remote control of active & reactive power


  • Up to 80 inverters feeding into one Smart Logger;
  • Up to 30 devices per RS485 bus;
  • Easy to install on walls, tabletops and rails mounting


  • Max. reliable communication range of 1000m;
  • Remote configuration, automatic set-up of RS485 addresses


SmartLogger2000 is an integrated control unit, with the functions of interface aggregation, protocol conversion, data collection, and centralized management.

Customer value


  • Functioning as communication manager, data logger, PLC master and Ethernet switch
  • Multiple communication interfaces including PLC, RS485, Fast Ethernet, and SFP ports, flexible applications
  • Up to 200 devices supported, including up to 80 Smart Inverters
  • STP and RSTP supported for multi-ring Ethernet network and ring protection
  • Bluetooth, embedded WEB and USB supported, user-friendly


  • An integration of data collection, protocol conversion and Ethernet switch


  • Industrial application and carrier-class reliability
PLC Module

PLC Module

A PLC module consists of the station (STA) and central coordinator (CCO), The PLC CCO can connect to SUN2000 inverters that support power line communication (PLC) functions to transmit data over the existing power line, and does not require additional communications cable, which reduces the construction and maintenance costs and improves communication reliability and efficiency.

Huawei CloudEngine, Campus, and SMB Switches combine advanced architecture and design with carrier-grade reliability to provide high-availability, high-performance networking for large-scale data centers, ISPs, and enterprise IT networks of all types and sizes.

Customer value


  • Transmit data over the existing power line, No need for RS485 cables, reducing engineering costs


  • Up to 80 inverters feeding into one PLC CCO
  • Ears and rails mounting


  • Higher data transmission rate of 115.2Kbps
  • Overcome the difficulties of troubleshooting for RS485 cables
Datasheet PLC