Huawei FusionSolar


2015 was an extraordinary year. As a result of the joint efforts of Huawei and our partners, smart PV has achieved widespread application all around the world, consolidating its dominant position in the industry. First of all, our sincere and humble thanks must go out to you for your continual support in the past year.

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Why big data is a big deal in smart PV

The process of collecting and analysing large volumes of data from PV power plants is at the heart of the smart PV concept. It offers plant operators previously unimagined capabilities in running assets optimally and above all profitably.

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What the experts say

Consultancies DNV GL and Sgurr Energy have both undertaken independent technology review of Huawei’s smart inverter technology. Here, the main findings of their analysis are presented.

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What Huawei’s customers say

Key to Huawei’s rapid growth in the solar industry has been its ability to innovate in line with customer needs. PV Tech’s John Parnell speaks to some of its clients.

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Watch out, SMA!

Huawei is a player in the global telecommunication market that decided to dabble in inverters. On its first try, its device makes it into the top three of PHOTON’s ranking – even without SiC transistors.

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US Solar Developers Need to Look Beyond Capex—and Start Thinking About the Long Term

A more holistic view of capex could drive U.S. EPCs toward string inverters.

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