Advanced training on Huawei solar inverters focus on commercial solution for PV with string inverters

We want to thank everyone who attended Photomate workshop we held last Thursday, November 16th in České Budějovice. The turnout was great and we belive everyone was able to learn a lot more than they already knew.

A very special thank to our colleagues from Huawei, Nuremberg. Training was very informative, very well presented, plus enjoyable.

Our training session concentrated on following topics:

  • Inverter parameterization: go parameter by parameter, when to apply, how to set, consequences of the setting, when it can be used, when it should not be used
  • Data export (possibilities, settings, conditions)
  • NetEco (levels, functions, how to remotely download log, how to remotely change parameters, how to remotely upgrade firmware)
  • Fast Global MPPT
  • IV Curve diagnosztika
  • Optical fiber, connection possibilities
  • PLC felszerelés és a hibaelhárítás kezelése
  • 1500 V and Smart Anti PID2000 Module