Photomate s.r.o. is experienced distributor selling technology equipment across Eastern Europe since 1990 and PV equipment since 2008.

Huawei PV Inverters

String Inverters: Easy, Efficient, Reliable

Photomate became HUAWEI distributor for inverters in Eastern Europe.

Huawei launched the leading smart PV solution that incorporates its expertise in digital information technology, Internet technology, and PV technology, which has been accumulated for over 20 years. Based on innovated concepts such as simple, full-digital, and automatic global O&M, Huawei aims to build smart solar plants supporting higher yeilds, smart O M, and safety and reliable, helping customers maximize their ROI within the power plant life cycle. Huawei's smart PV solution has been widely applied across the world.

Photon Test A+: "In the end this is the first inverter from China that has the chance to give SMA a run for its money."

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Marek Polok

Ing. Marek Polok

Sales Manager
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Jaromír Dudek

Technical Sales

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